Series 400 | Altitude+ All Aluminum

Designed for impressive performance, elegance and durability

The Everlast Altitude+ Window Series meets the CW Classification, meaning mid-rise buildings with institutional application. It allows multiple assembly and opening configurations (casement, awning, fix).

This high-energy efficient window features extruded aluminum profiles interior and exterior connected to the thermal insulation system “Performance Core,” representing the core of the window.

Everlast Altitude+ Window Series meets the CW Classification

Performance Core

Everlast Performance Core

Performance Core is a new proprietary engineered material, designed for specific tasks, offering improved dimensional stability and higher deflection temperatures, resulting in increased strength.

This new technology allows manufacturers to access the perfect combination for their market. The Altitude+ Window Series provides window manufacturers with a competitive edge.


Initially designed for commercial high-rise applications, the Altitude+ window provides superior protection against wind and rain.


All building components are 100% recyclable or reusable.


Available in many configurations, large windows are achieved through the creative use of structural mullions, continuous frames, or modular construction.